Aims & Vision

We aim for our children to:
  • Be proud of their school
  • Feel happy and secure in school
  • Have high self-esteem through recognising and developing their individual strengths
  • Know they are valued for themselves
  • Value and respect others and recognise their qualities and achievements
  • Be aware of their role in the wider community
  • Value cultural diversity

We aim to:

  • Provide the widest possible range of experiences to help children achieve success
  • Prepare our children for challenges to come by developing self-esteem, a positive attitude to learning and a sense of responsibility and a growth mind-set
  • Encourage our children to develop a growing awareness of other people’s needs and achievements based on mutual respect and honesty
  • Provide good role models that our children might use as a reference for positive behaviour

We would like our school to be known for:

  • A listening school
  • A warm positive ethos where all children are happy to come to school
  • High academic standards that are achieved without labelling by ability
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity, sporting achievement and community involvement
  • Individual aspiration, achievement and resilience