Children are taught Science knowledge through experimental testing of ideas.

Intent – What we expect the children to learn:

Science teaching at Deansbrook Junior school aims to give all children a strong understanding of the world around them.  We want them to be excited and curious about the study of science whilst acquiring specific skills and knowledge to help them think scientifically.

 At Deansbrook, scientific enquiry skills are embedded in each science unit the children study and key concepts are revisited and developed throughout their time at school.  The Autumn term focuses on Chemistry, with each Year group studying a similar topic which builds on the learning of the year before.  Similarly, in the Spring term, the science units all cover Physics with a clear progression in level of learning required.  In the Summer term, children study Biology units which again build on previous learning.  This model allows children to build upon their prior knowledge and increase their enthusiasm for the topics whilst embedding this procedural knowledge into the long-term memory.

All children are encouraged to develop and use a range of skills including observations, planning and carrying out investigations, as well as being encouraged to question the world around them.  Specialist vocabulary for topics is taught and built up, and effective questioning to communicate ideas is encouraged. 

Science curriculum mapProgression of Skills and Knowledge by Year Group