Barnet is one of the most religiously diverse boroughs in England and this diversity provides a rich heritage which enables children to learn from each other. 

Our school mirrors the borough's diversity and, although the majority of our families identify as Christian, both Muslim and Hindu faiths are well represented as well as those from the Buddhist, Jewish and Jain religions.

At Deansbrook, children are taught to understand and respect all diverse faiths and religions practised around the world. We follow the Barnet agreed syllabus for Religious Education to ensure progression, and also for the act of Collective Worship.  Our curriculum is designed so that children learn, in some depth, about four of the six major world religions over their time in KS2.  The festivals of all major religions are also celebrated in our assemblies.

There are opportunities for children to visit places of worship and for visitors representing various religions to be invited in to share their knowledge and their values and beliefs.

The following topics are studied throughout the Key Stage:

Year 3 - Christianity 

Who was Jesus? What is the Holy Trinity? What are the parables of Jesus? What is the sacred text of Christianity? Where do Christians worship? What are the Christian celebrations?

Christianity Knowledge Mat

Year 4 - Islam

How did the religion of Islam begin? What are the beliefs of Islam? What are the five pillars of Islam? What is the sacred text of Islam? Where do Muslims worship? What is the difference between Sunni and Shi'a Muslims?

Islam Knowledge Mat

Year 5 - Hinduism

How did Hinduism begin and develop? How does dharma influence how Hindus live? What are Hindu beliefs about karma, samsara and moksha? Who is Brahman to Hindus? What is the story of Shiva and the Ganges? What are some other important holy texts of Hinduism? How do Hindus express their faith today?

Hinduism Knowledge Mat

Year 6 - Sikhism

How did Sikhism begin? Who were the ten gurus? What are the five Ks of Sikhism? What is the Guru Granth Sahib? What do Sikhs believe about God? Where and how do Sikhs worship?

Sikhism Knowledge Mat